Why I’m Running

“I’m sick of the name calling and rancor coming out of the current administration. This is not who we are as Kentuckians. I’m running to deliver real solutions for our state. It’s what I’ve done as attorney general, from tackling the opioid crisis head-on, addressing the rape kit backlog and going to bat to defend hard-earned public employee pensions, protect access to health care and make sure we’re expanding opportunity by fully funding our higher education system.”


I believe in a big, bright future for Kentucky. But right now, so many of our Kentucky families are struggling. Wages seem to never go up, while bills rise year after year. It’s getting harder and harder for people just to get by – much less send their kids to college, save for retirement, or set aside some dollars for emergencies. All of us face rising medical bills and far too many Kentuckians are worried about whether protections for things like preexisting conditions are going remain in place or if insurance companies will be allowed to charge women and seniors even more.

And what we’re getting out of Frankfort right now is no leadership and no solutions. Instead, the current governor is giving massive tax subsidies to out-of-state CEOs, trying to slash teacher and public servant pensions and doing everything he can to rip access to healthcare from thousands of Kentucky families.

That’s not right and those aren’t our Kentucky values.

Jacqueline and I are running to protect access to affordable health care, ensure pensions are there for our workers who did everything right and deserve a secure retirement, strengthen our public schools and build an economy that helps our local businesses flourish and workers get ahead.

“As an educator, basketball coach and proud mom, I believe deeply that all of our kids should have the opportunity to unlock their full potential, regardless of their zip code or family income. I’ve seen the life-changing difference a quality education and access to good health care can make, but right now the priorities in Frankfort are just out of whack. Let’s fix it.”